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Xscape Made Easy:
Developing a Booking App for Northern Xscape Rentals

Streamlining the Rental Experience through User-Centered Design
and Innovative Features

Personal Project

Sep - Dec 2022

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, XD, Miro

Project Brief

About the Client

Northern Xscape Rentals is a jet ski and snowmobile rental company which struggles with its current outdated and glitchy booking website. To address the issue, they wanted to develop an app to replace the current booking system while also providing all relevant information.

Based on these requirements, our team provided a holistic solution backed by a detailed case study. Research methodologies such as competitor analysis, user personas, and user flow chart were used for building the app prototype.

Apart from the booking function, features and information such as pre-trip checklist, in-app document handling, vehicle pick-up and return procedures, in-app messaging as well as stylized milestone records were added to enhance customer engagement and elevate the user experience.

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