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My Design Canvas

A showcase of my creative projects.

Personal Project

March 2022

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

Magazine Spreads featuring Cold Play

Personal Project

March 2022

Adobe Lightroom, Illustrator

Public Service Announcement (PSA)
Photography Project

For this photography project, I took on the challenge of creating two distinct PSA using the same photo. Through experimentation with various abstract shots, I was able to produce two unique and impactful pieces that communicate different messages. The project allowed me to explore the power of visual storytelling and the versatility of a single image.

See my other experimental work:

Collaborative Porject

June 2022

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

Landmark-inspired Souvenirs from Toronto

The objective of our project was to create a set of icons that shared a consistent design style and could be used across a range of promotional materials, including merchandise. Our team decided to go with a "Toronto Landmarks" theme because we're all big fans of the city and its cultural, sports, and entertainment scenes. To best capture the city's vibrancy, we carefully selected six different landmarks to feature. In order to create designs that were visually appealing and harmonious, we utilized the golden ratio technique in our design process.


See our mock-up products.

I would like to acknowledge the excellent work and contributions of my team member, Viet Vu,  and highly recommend checking out his portfolio!

Collaborative Project

June 2022

Adobe Illustrator, Google Slides

Brewing Success:
Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy for Jimmy's Coffee Expansion in GTA 

The objective of this project is to develop a digital marketing strategy for Jimmy's Coffee to expand its business in the broader GTA market by leveraging pop-up stores and digital advertising. Our team conducted a comprehensive analysis of Jimmy's Coffee's current digital presence, research the broader GTA market including demographics, competition, and customer behaviour. 


Based on the research, our team developed a phased approach for Jimmy's Coffee, starting with pop-up stores in various GTA areas to test market response and finalize new branch locations. We will develop a digital marketing approach to support the expansion plan, including revamping the existing website to improve content quality, redeveloping an app to establish a loyalty program, and leveraging digital advertisement through geo-targeted Google ads and social media for the new GTA locations.


Special thanks to my team members, Pei-ying Lai, Ritesh Chibba, and Viet Vu, for their valuable contributions.Be sure to check out their impressive website and portfolio as well!

Personal Project

Nov 2022

Adobe Illustrator

Crafting Alessi's Canadian Brand: Logo Redesign and Application

This project aims to revamp Alessi's brand identity for its entry into the Canadian market, emphasizing its rich history and craftsmanship through a redesigned logo and its applications. The primary objective is to enhance brand awareness and recognition, drive traffic, and expand their presence on social media channels. The key message for the brand will be "If you know, you know", emphasizing its exclusivity and high-end products to attract its target audience.

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