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Journey through the world of 3D

A Collection of my 3D Projects

Personal Projects

Doggo's Garden

July 2022

Adobe Dimension

A 3D virtual playground created using Adobe Dimension by incorporating basic assets. The playful scene features various creatures, including trees, birds, ponds, a cat named Doggo (an adorable cat of my housemate), and colourful elements such as water drops and clouds.

Shop Display for Tutti Cotton

Jun 2022

Adobe Dimension, Photoshop


Tutti Cotton is a socially responsible apparel brand dedicated to crafting clothing for moms and children using ethically sourced chemical-free fabrics. The 3D shop display scene created for Tutti Cotton provides a comprehensive visual presentation for client. By applying warmer lighting and the brand's colour themes, the mockup showcases the brand's dedication to creating a unique and welcoming shopping experience while promoting environmentally responsible practices.

Breakfast Scene by the Amalfi Coast

Oct 2022

Autodesk Maya

A 3D modelling project that takes you on a journey to the mesmerizing Italian Amalfi Coast. In this project, I utilized polygon modelling, texturing, lighting, sculpting, and rendering techniques to bring to life the breakfast scene during sunrise.

Mystical Cave Diorama for Adventure Game

Dec 2022

Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, Adobe Substance 3D Painter & Substance 3D Stager

A 3D diorama of a mystical cave, featuring rocks, stone tile, glowing foliage and a potion bottle. The project was created using Autodesk Maya for modelling, Mudbox for sculpting, and Adobe 3D Substance Painter for texturing. Finally, the scene was staged in 3D Substance Stager, resulting in an impressive and atmospheric addition to any adventure game.

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